Pay Per Gaze-What is Google up to?

google glass

google glass

There is going to be a time when the usage pay per click is all out of fashion and pay per gaze is the new trend. Yes, we are talking about Google Glass, the latest innovation from Google that is all set to hit the market by 2014. With the Glass , Google has also obtained patent for “Pay Per Gaze” and I am sure all the on-line advertisers and web designers are busy weaving strategies to make the most of the new concept called Pay Per Gaze.

 Pay Per Gaze patent 

The patent was filed in 2011 for a “head mounted gaze tracking device”. The device is supposed to send images from the direction of the gazers to a server which will identify adverts that are relevant. The patent might not be  limited to on-line advertisements.

Are there going to any more glasses?

Google may not be able to enjoy a complete monopoly in Pay Per Gaze market. It is rumoured that Apple, Microsoft and Sony are all set to launch there on Glasses to claim a fair share in the pay per gaze market.