Should We Send Young Girls to Schools or Should We Marry Them off?

kerala child marriage

Kerala Muslim League

Marriages and conjugal relationships have been a subject of controversy ever since we became structured social animals. Marry-able age and the age under which two people can have sexual relationship are also have been favourite points of discussion.

Keeping two different age criteria for marriage and having a sexual relationship is really a farce at least in the Indian scenario. Our governments and law makers are scared to take a decision on this matter as religion is involved in it. Nobody wants to hurt religious sentiments, so obvious option is to procrastinate and let women suffer.

What would be the plight of country if we maintain 16 as marry-able age and 18 as the age to have a sexual relationship? Well, I am sure, our police will have time only to register rape cases.

Let us hope for the best and assume that governments and law makers will not afraid of taking stern decisions and will not add more misery to the already burning lives to women in backward communities in Kerala.