Tejpal-A Victim of Political Consipracy

TejpalUntil the break out of the sexual harassment case, every journalist in India wanted to be in Tarun Tejpal shoes. The Thehalka founder was a role model of every journalist in the country. When we look at the case, everything looks like framed. And he is nothing less than a victim of political conspiracy. It is case that is hijacked and ‘framed’ by the media and Goa police, which falls under a BJP government is all set to ‘trap’ the eminent journalist.

In the bail petition, he says that  “The alleged colleague referred above, continued to party and was completely normal and friendly all throughout her stay in Goa. She went to the Remo Fernandez function which began around 7:30/8:00 pm and which lasted into the late evening,” The victim’s well thought out complaint indicates that she was not disturbed by the incident.

The sting master showed India media a different types of journalism -a jouranalism of fearlessness. In his career he has attacked BJP and RSS many a time and when we see a BJP led government making use of all its resources to put him behind the bars, we have every reason to believe that he is a victim of political conspiracy.