The New iPhone 5S is to Offer the Users TouchID Fingerprint Sensor

301505-apple-iphone-5-at-tThe new iPhone 5S is to offer its users TouchID Fingerprint Sensor. The function can be used only to unlock the phone and authenticate the App store buying.  However, in future Apple may make the entire touch screen fingerprint sensor. We need to wait and see how Apple is going to take the new fingerprint sensor sensor to the next level.

The smartphone brand also wants to get a patent for the technology that enables the use the home button as a trackpad (like in a BlackBerry Curve phone). The home button can be also used as a fingerprint scanner.  This technology will enable users to go to menus and apps just by using the home button. Using the home button tracks which can be sued as finger print sensor  it looks like Apple is planning to offer finger print sensing  to applications that needs more security such as banking, email etc.