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  • Linux Hosting Price Slashed
    If you looking for unlimited linux hosting plan, we have the solution. Normal Linux Hosting ,Price Slashed Rs 300/year250Mb- Rs 500/year500Mb- Rs 600/yearOne GB-Rs 1000/yearTwo GB-Rs 1500/yearFive GB-Rs 2000/yearUnlimited-3000/year
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  • Why Experts Feel that Sensex may Fall to 17,000 by March 2014
    Experts are of the opinion that Sensex is on a steep decline and may hit 17,000 by March 2014. Here are few reasons why the experts feel so. Economic growth slowed down:Indian economic growth is going backwards and the GDP rate has come down to 4.5 per cent from 9 percent in a matter of 2 to 3 ...
  • What is the Best Time to Post on Social Media?
    Well, all of us post personal updates and share our blogs or other’s blog on social media network sites. But most of us do it at our our own pace. May be that’s why your last post does not bring enough comments, shares and likes. Yes, we are talking about post timing on social media ...
  • Should We Send Young Girls to Schools or Should We Marry Them off?
    Marriages and conjugal relationships have been a subject of controversy ever since we became structured social animals. Marry-able age and the age under which two people can have sexual relationship are also have been favourite points of discussion. Keeping two different age criteria for marriage and having a sexual relationship is really a farce at least ...
  • Nano automatic version next year
    As per The Hindu report, tata will launch automatic Nano soon. Car Dekho says, this model targetting Indonesian buyers.
  • Pay Per Gaze-What is Google up to?
    There is going to be a time when the usage pay per click is all out of fashion and pay per gaze is the new trend. Yes, we are talking about Google Glass, the latest innovation from Google that is all set to hit the market by 2014. With the Glass , Google has also obtained ...
  • Google also changing its logo?
    Latest version of Chrome beta, google did a little changes of its own logo. Shadows are gone, its flat now. May be yahoo and bing logo changes inspired google. But one expert saying, google will not change the logo now. Its may accidently added to chrome.
  • Now Aircel Subsribers can read books
    Aircel launched an e-book store named book mate. Through this subsribers can read books, magazines. This app available in google play store. First stage Aircel introduced android application only. Ipad and Iphone app on the way.   For activating this service needs to have an Aircel number. Its in paid subscription format. Main attraction is the comics, chandamama, ...
  • Parents, be care about early talkers
    Very much proud about your child’s early talk, just read this new study. Children showing early advance verbal abilities like to drink as teen. May be its surprising, but has some connection with langauage and  alcohol. Yet though, the researcher failed to determine whether the advanced language skills caused the drinking behaviour. But ofcourse one storng ...
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