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Why Experts Feel that Sensex may Fall to 17,000 by March 2014

Experts are of the opinion that Sensex is on a steep decline and may hit 17,000 by March 2014. Here are few reasons why the experts feel so.

Economic growth slowed down:Indian economic growth is going backwards and the GDP rate has come down to 4.5 per cent from 9 percent in a matter of 2 to 3 years.

Foreign investment might not be always good: There is no wrong in saying that the Indian economy is acting according to the whims and fancies of  foreign investors and this might not prove good in the long run.

Fiscal position of India : India’s government spending is a huge concern.

The downfall of Rupee: Indian Rupee has not recovered yet . If the under-performance of Rupee continues things can go worse for us.

Expensive stocks: All the stocks in the market are pricey. And buying such pricey ones might not prove beneficial


What is the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

google, facebook, twitter

Well, all of us post personal updates and share our blogs or other’s blog on social media network sites. But most of us do it at our our own pace. May be that’s why your last post does not bring enough comments, shares and likes. Yes, we are talking about post timing on social media sites.

Research have found out that each social media site attracts users at different timings.  The study indicates that people may not check facebook while at office and shorter tweets may attract more interaction. Here is a birds eye view of social media post timings.


Should We Send Young Girls to Schools or Should We Marry Them off?

Kerala Muslim League

Marriages and conjugal relationships have been a subject of controversy ever since we became structured social animals. Marry-able age and the age under which two people can have sexual relationship are also have been favourite points of discussion.

Keeping two different age criteria for marriage and having a sexual relationship is really a farce at least in the Indian scenario. Our governments and law makers are scared to take a decision on this matter as religion is involved in it. Nobody wants to hurt religious sentiments, so obvious option is to procrastinate and let women suffer.

What would be the plight of country if we maintain 16 as marry-able age and 18 as the age to have a sexual relationship? Well, I am sure, our police will have time only to register rape cases.

Let us hope for the best and assume that governments and law makers will not afraid of taking stern decisions and will not add more misery to the already burning lives to women in backward communities in Kerala.

Pay Per Gaze-What is Google up to?

google glass

There is going to be a time when the usage pay per click is all out of fashion and pay per gaze is the new trend. Yes, we are talking about Google Glass, the latest innovation from Google that is all set to hit the market by 2014. With the Glass , Google has also obtained patent for “Pay Per Gaze” and I am sure all the on-line advertisers and web designers are busy weaving strategies to make the most of the new concept called Pay Per Gaze.

 Pay Per Gaze patent 

The patent was filed in 2011 for a “head mounted gaze tracking device”. The device is supposed to send images from the direction of the gazers to a server which will identify adverts that are relevant. The patent might not be  limited to on-line advertisements.

Are there going to any more glasses?

Google may not be able to enjoy a complete monopoly in Pay Per Gaze market. It is rumoured that Apple, Microsoft and Sony are all set to launch there on Glasses to claim a fair share in the pay per gaze market.


Google also changing its logo?

Latest version of Chrome beta, google did a little changes of its own logo. Shadows are gone, its flat now. May be yahoo and bing logo changes inspired google.
But one expert saying, google will not change the logo now. Its may accidently added to chrome.